*CLOSED* Due to unforseen medical circumstances, Bosom Cookies will be closed temporarily. We hope to be able to reopen very soon. We would like to thank all the amazing mumma's that have supported our dream over the last 7 years. Each and every one of you is absolutely amazing!!.

Bosom Cookies

Lactation Cookies for breastfeeding mumma's & Cafe style cookies for the whole family

Home Delivery available to Metropolitan Melbourne

If you are based in Metropolitan Melbourne, why leave home when we can deliver to your doorstep

Express shipping available Australia wide

Via Toll Express

No added Artificial Preservatives

Bosom cookies lactation cookies are artificial preservative free, cost effective and baked fresh weekly.

Sample Packs

Available in a pack of 20 cookies, showcasing our 4 delicious flavours.


I have a little problem with your cookies... I want to eat all of them in one go!! Especially the 'Cranberry & White Chocolate' lactation cookies!! My god they're delicious! I had to stop myself inhaling the whole batch! I can't even taste the brewers yeast in them!

I also can't thank you enough for your advice regarding my extremely low milk supply & how best to bring it back to normal.

These cookies are fabulous, flavourful & SO affordable! I will definitely be recommending you to everyone who will listen & look forward to ordering my next batch.


Just wanted to say thank you!
After 1 and 1/2 weeks of your biscuits, expressing for 5 mins after day feeds and drinking more water my little one has gained 430g!
Also stoked with the 150-200mls I can express a day! Not bad considering a fortnight ago I had nothing! Thanks again!
Looking forward to trying new flavours next delivery πŸ˜€



LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Bosom Cookies, at 1st I was sceptical, thinking how a cookie will help boost my supply, Anyways I went on and order 20 for my 1st order, i was determined to breastfed my LO but my supply wasn't enough for her demands and not putting on much weight, i was so excited when the lovely delivery man knocked on the door, i already had my oven pre heating waiting to pop 2 in for the day. The next morning I woke up with FULL boobies, bubz is now always happy after a feed, words can't express how happy we both are now, can't wait for my next delivery...

I expressed 200ml after 1 day of eating the cookies and breastfeed bubz. Β 


These cookies are amazing, after trying a range of different lactation cookies I found Bosom cookies to be the best ones going. I've always had a good supply but not enough to fill the freezer and now after trying them for a week I've been able to feed my son and express between each feed πŸ€—
Having two cookies a day, my boobs are quite full and bubs is always content and happy after each feed!!

I would recommend these cookies to both friends and family and anyone else... LOVE LOVE LOVE them and they taste fantastic, like a nice soft fresh muffin straight out of the oven 😍


The cookies really work ladies! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
I'm a mum that could not feed my last three bubs because I had no milk supply, it was like I had close to three mils on a good day.
My 4th pregnancy I came across this page and thought I'll give these cookies a go as there's so many success stories but does that guarantee it will for me, who knows til I eat them and see if they do.
I started eating one cookie a day as instructed for a pregnant woman and I was 37 weeks when I started.Β 
Now baby is out and I'm on two cookies a day. Wow honestly,the results like the heavens have worked its magic. Me boobs are filling up and giving up milk so easily, my baby is drinking away and he's healthy and content. I'm so so very happy, these cookies have worked for me, 4th day my boobies were leaking, I can't believe it but it's all happening. No more stressing over no milk, no more tears of feeling useless. I'm happy and baby is happy.
Can't wait for my next batch of cookies, seriously it's a miracle, I'm buzzingπŸ™πŸ˜€πŸ™Œ
Thank you so much Bosom cookiesπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“Β 


Okay, wow. I've tried all the cookies on the market to really help boost my supply so that I could pump a lot to allow me and my husband to have weekly dates. Not only am I able to pump an excess it I'm also leaking in between πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
You weren't kidding about how potent your cookie recipe is. And thanks for the tips, I love eating my cookies fresh out of the oven πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
Thank you so so much! Will definitely be putting another order in to get me through your holiday period 😊
P.s I can't stop thanking you. When I picked these up earlier this week, what I thought was a growth spurt, my baby was actually coming down with the cold. So these past few days, she's been attached to me feeding constantly. She's feeling so much better since she was able to get all the nutrients she needed to kick the cold! Thank you thank you


As a natural sceptic of all things that sound too easy, the first time I heard about cookies to enhance your milk supply I just thought it was an excuse invented by someone to have more Tim Tams.

Turns out, I was wrong. I humbly stand corrected.

These cookies, apart from being crazily yummy, actually work. Within a week my supply, low because bub was born with a tongue and lip tie, was stronger than ever and I now have a crazy over supply. Bonus was all the cuppas I had to have whilst my hubby looked after the kids because the supply. πŸ˜„

Thanks, I've recommended your cookies high and low.



Absolutely loving my cookies. They definitely do what they say they are meant to, and quickly aswell.Β 

Also a plus that they taste amazing. Loving the macadamia and white choc. πŸ˜‰


4 weeks post baby and have over 3 litres of frozen milk and a very happy thriving baby. The Muesli blocks and cookies are absolutely delicious, the bonus being a boost in mamas milk. Thanks Bosom Cookies.

Chloe C

Bosom Cookies