*CLOSED* Due to unforseen medical circumstances, Bosom Cookies will be closed temporarily. We hope to be able to reopen very soon. We would like to thank all the amazing mumma's that have supported our dream over the last 7 years. Each and every one of you is absolutely amazing!!.

About us


Where Bosom Cookies began 

Whilst pregnant with the 1st of my 3 children and  like all mother's I wanted to provide my baby with the best possible start in life. Nourishing my child with liquid gold, natures antibiotic..... breastmilk, created by me for my most precious gift, my baby. 

After giving birth to my beautiful daughter, I was struggling with establishing and maintaining an adequate breastmilk supply. Concerned about the potential affect to my daughters weight gain,  development and ability to thrive, my research into effective ways to increase breastmilk production began. Little did I know.......I was not alone the daily struggle was real with so many mothers, it was quite simply not spoken about enough. 

After trialling all the techniques and helpful tips from medical professionals I still wasn't producing enough milk. 

Frustrated, yet still so determined to exclusively breastfeed my daughter, my research into galactagogues, also known as lactogenic foods began. Desperately hoping to find the perfect combination of ingredients to effectively increase my breastmilk supply. Whilst doing so, I recognized that it was paramount that I was providing myselfself with the appropriate vitamins and minerals, to ensure that the breastmilk I was producing provided all the nourishment my daughter needed.

As new mother's, we are so concerned with ensuring we meet our babies every need, we quite often forget to do the essentials of selfcare and don't eat appropriately. This combined with recovering from giving birth and the lack of sleep that comes with a newborn baby, we can quite quickly deplete our vitamin and mineral reserves and can become run down and exhausted. So whilst increasing my supply was important, it was just as important that my breastmilk was as nourishing as possible. 

I spent the next few months baking up a storm, testing each batch on myself for effectiveness and taste. Until one day I woke up in the morning saturated with milk, I never thought I would be so excited, to need to change my clothes I was quite literally jumping with joy. I had found the perfect combination of potency, nourishment and taste. From that day onwards, I never needed to look at another tin of formula again. 

Sharing the love 

After discovering I was certainly not alone in my struggle with milk supply and wanting to help my friends and fellow mumma's, I began baking cookies for family and friends. They were skepticalst first,  because let's be realistic, it's hard to beleive that eating a yummy cookie, would increase your breastmilk supply. Much to their suprise, they were so impressed, they quickly told their friends and family and the requests for what they referred to as my "magic cookies" were increasing daily.

I was overwhelmed by the joy I felt from helping mothers and babies, that my desire to help as many mumma's as possible began. Utilising my degree in business and finance, experience in operations management and a whole lot of love Bosom Cookies was created. 

Present Day 

7 years on, Bosom Cookies has helped thousands of mothers throughout their breastfeeding journies and continues to do so. Our scrumptious milk making goodies are made by hand and are baked fresh weekly. Each box is packaged by hand by mumma's, for mumma's and then are shipped all over Australia and New Zealand. 


The breast cookies around 

We strive daily to ensure that our goodies are the 'breast cookies around'. 

Mother's refer to our cookies as 'Jumbo' lactation cookies, as each cookie weighs a whopping 48g each and are sold in a pack of 20 cookies  

Not only do we ensure value for money for mother's, we strive to please every mumma's individual taste, by providing 8 flavour options, they include: 

- Anzac 

- Milk chocolate chip 

- Double Choc 

- White chocolate and macadamia 

- Muesli 

- Cranberry and white chocolate 

- Top Deck 

- Apricot and coconut dairy free 


Catering for dairy intolerant mothers & babies 

An extremly common concern many mothers face, is that they or their babies have a dairy/milk protein intolerance, which can cause reflux, vomiting, allergic reactions in the way of rashes/hives and makes for a very unsettled little one. As a result, we have added a dairy and soy free lactation cookie to our range, our Apricot and coconut dairy free lactation cookie. 


Our food beliefs 

For Bosom Cookies it is not just important to create a scrumptious and potent lactation cookie, but to ensure that our range does not contain any artificial preservatives. Artificial preservatives can be passed through a mothers breastmilk and absorbed by our babies, therefore it is paramount that our cookies, do not contain any 'nasties' that could be passed on by the beautiful mumma's that buy our Cookies. 

We are strong believers, that our cookies should not only taste great, but should be packed full of nutritionally balanced, organic, artificial preservative free, natural ingredients. Thus ensuring that breastfeeding mother's are supported during their feeding journey, via nutritionally vitamin and mineral rich foods. 


Australian made and owned 

Bosom Cookies is owned by an Australian and our cookies are baked fresh in our kitchen in Melbourne. 

It is extremly important that we use products grown and sold locally, to ensure we are supporting local businesses and the Australian economy. The vast majority of our ingredients are sourced from local farms, mills and businesses.